TWG and Elan Team win first engagement for 2016

TWG, with the Elan Planning Team, are currently working on a mid-city plan for Pittsburg, KS that includes parks, bike trails, Milleniel housing and a business incubation component that is connected to existing industries and Pitts State research and development.  

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Council Bluffs Plan Accepted by EPA

The brownfield plan for redevelopment for the large inner-city site was recently approved by the EPA.  The plan was developed by Elan and TWG and the project team to bring revitalization to Council Bluffs, Iowa.  This approval will allow the project to obtain further funding and move forward.

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Cromwell, Staten Island

TWG, as part of the Urbahn Team, has just been request, by New York City Parks, to expand the scope of the project to include programming two park sites, a waterfront site (Lyons Pool) and the Goodhue site, in north central Staten Island.

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High line just keeps getting better and better--one of the biggest park success stories of the 21st C

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