Sue Olivier, Principal

David Williams, Founding Partner

David Williams, Founding Partner

TWG History

Since 1996, TWG has been providing creative and realistic real estate advisory services for public and privates agencies and owners from Massachusetts to Virginia and west to Nebraska.

TWG was established by David Williams and Sue Olivier, previously consultants at Ernst & Young Kenneth Leventhal Real Estate Services. David and Sue have been TWG principals for over 18 years.

TWG provides intelligent market based research and analysis to support real estate development in a variety of different venues including: transit oriented development, brownfield redevelopment, and waterfront redevelopment.  TWG has also served the hospitality and tourism industry, industrial real estate clientele and large not-for profits, including Trinity Real Estate.  TWG provides reliable and thorough analytics that assist owners and public agencies with assessing the types and inventory of development that is economically viable and politically supportable.  TWG also provides support services including business targeting solution to support redevelopment planning efforts and economic development opportunities.